Come conoscere la disponibilità di un prodotto

In the pages of the products it is indicated their willingness in this way:

In stock or in stock in limited quantities: if a product is "In Stock", it will be sent the same day if the order was entered before 16 hours and has been validated by our service that deals with process orders.

Preorder: if a product is in the "pre-order" it means that it was announced by the manufacturer, but is not out yet on the market and not available for immediate shipment.

Stock expected in XX days: the product is not available immediately, but we await the arrival soon at one of our stores. Usually shows the days required for the stock arrivals in stock. You can order this product, but will be sent only once in stock.

Optional: if a product is "on demand", meaning it is not in stock. Upon entering your order, we will try to find the product from our suppliers.

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